A technical overview

Technology stack

Typically Polavi application depends on 4 mains technologies.

Polavi technology stack

Client-side rendering (CSR)

Polavi follows client-side rendering(CSR) approach. It means the web page will be rendered in the browser using React Js. Data will be fetched from the server under JSON format and React JS template will take care of rendering it to the browser. You can found more information about CSR here


Polavi middleware system

In Polavi application, there is no “Controller”. There are routes and a list of its middleware. When a request triggered from the client’s browser it will be going through a list of middleware. Each middleware will receive the request object and response object and do something. After all of the middleware is executed, the response object will be sent back to the client.


Polavi application is a system contains a list of the module. Each of them provides a different business feature. For example, Catalog module manages product, category, and price. The discount module manages coupon code … and so on.

When we need a new feature or we need to customize the current feature, we need to create a module. Polavi module is designed to help the developer can add/customize the default platform easier without overwriting core files. You find more information about Polavi module here.