Installation guide

Before you start, we suggest you check the list of system requirement here

Get Polavi

You can go to Github to clone source code using Composer.

Step 1: Download source code from Github and run composer installer

Extract the file you downloaded to the desired directory on your server and then run $ composer install to download vendor and generate autoload files.

Step 2: Make bellow folders are writable

  • “config/”
  • “public/media/”
  • “var/log/”

Step 3: Run installer

Open your browser and access to your website. You will be redirected to the installer automatically.

Polavi installation step 1
In this step, you will be asked for some information about database connection and an admin user.

Click “Let’s go” button once all fields are filled. It will start the installer

Step 4: Let’s go

Polavi installation step 2;
When you click “Let’s go” button, installer will be executing and do the following:
  • Create a “config.php” file in “config/” directory with your database connection info
  • Create database tables with some default data
  • Create an admin user

This step will be done shortly and there will be 2 buttons for you to access the store and backend. You are ready to use Polavi now

Polavi installation step 2

Once you installed Polavi plaform, you may see the homepage is blank. You can go to admin "CMS-> Widgets" to add some content like text, banner, products.